Ring Frame Spinning Tubes

Ring and Doubling Tubes

Ring Spinning Tubes

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a qualitative assortment of Ring & Doubling Tube Bobbins. In order to manufacture the entire range, we use high grade raw material and sophisticated technology.
  • Our Ring Tubes are made from High Grade PC, ABS and PP Material.
  • The eccentricity of our bobbin is below International standard.
  • The Fitting and Dimensions of our Ring Frame bobbins are as per ISO /Customer's Specifications
  • Outer Surface Groove of our Ring Tubes are as per Customers Requirement. (Fine Mico/Micro/Shallow Ring Groove)
  • Our Tubes are suitable for Manual and Auto Doffing.
  • Our Bobbins are suitable for almost all make of machines such as : LMW, Reiter, KTTM, Texmaco, Toyoda, Suessen, Marzoli, Textool and Chinese etc.
  • New Design Near Button Area with Smart Lock has also been developed by us, specially for auto doffing machines.

Our experience in this field will provide you best quality, service and price in the market. You are important to us and we value your interest. We never compromise on our quality and promise to give you world-class service. Our R&D engineers are developing and improving the products according to your need.

History Of Ring frame ( Spinning) Tubes/ Bobbins/ Empties

In early period when plastic was not common commodity in the world, ring frame bobbins were made up of wood and we are in this industry since then. You can say our birth into this industry starts from manufacturing ring frame bobbins from wood.

Then thereafter to save energy costs and increase productivity, wooden bobbins used in ring frame was being replace by paper textile bobbins or tubes.

Then comes the plastic which replaced paper tubes, but even under plastics there are 3-4 generations change in the material.

In 1981 when we started manufacturing plastic textile bobbins for ring frame machines and simplex machines.

At that time ring frame bobbin were made from HDPE Plastic.
Then after HDPE ring spinning tubes are replaced by PP Plastic ring tubes, Then PP was replaced by ABS Ring frame tubes and then finally ABS ring frame bobbins is replaced by Polycarbonate(PC) Ringframe Bobbins

Now in Polycarbonate too there are many alloys being used after introduction of auto doffer ring frames.
  • For wall thickness 1.8mm of plastic ring tube special alloy is being used.
  • For wall Thickness 2.00-2.22mm of plastic bobbin different alloy is being used
  • For wall thickness of 2.5-2.6mm of plastic bobbin mostly PC is used with or without glass filled.
  • For ring frame tubes having wall wall thickness 3.0 mm the above material is used but also hard bush with hardness above 60 near button area is been planted