Multiple-Use Plastic Perforated Yarn Dyeing Tubes (HTHP Dye Tubes / High Temperature Yarn Dye Tubes)

Yarn Dye Tubes

Multiple-Use Yarn Dye Tubes (HTHP Dye Tubes / High Temperature Yarn Dye Tubes)

Suitable for Cotton, Polyester and other Blended Yarns.
  • Cotton Yarn Dyeing Tube upto 120°C
  • Blended Yarn Dyeing Tube upto 135°C
  • Polyester Yarn Dyeing Tube upto 150°C
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • High Impact Strength
  • High Durability
  • High Dimensional Stability
  • High Resistance to Dyes and Chemicals
  • Made from high quality plastic.

Adaptable on almost all winding and dyeing machines.

Our experience in this field will provide you best quality, service and price in the market. You are important to us and we value your interest. We never compromise on our quality and promise to give you world-class service. Our R&D engineers are developing and improving the products according to your need.

Why Agarwal Bobbin Manufacturing Company?

We are specialized in manufacturing of plastic cheeses, tubes, and cones for Dyeing of yarn.

We have full expertise knowledge in manufacturing of dyeing cones for dyeing almost all types of yarns.

We are proud to say that we are the only manufacturer in the Northern part of India and that adds some special service to our regional customers.

The main question comes to your mind before using Plastic Dyeing cones in place of SS Dye Springs;

Hence below are few points that will remove all your doubts before using plastic dyeing cheeses or cones in replace of ss dye springs:

  1. Better Package Quality: If you use plastic perforated yarn dyeing cheeses, plastic perforates yarn dyeing tubes or plastic perforated yarn dyeing cones you will get better package quality.

  2. Nominal Repair Costs: If you use our plastic perforated dyeing cheese or tubes, the repair costs of plastic perforated yarn dyeing cheeses or plastic perforated yarn dyeing cones are normally cheaper. But we only repair our owned manufacturer yarn dye tube.

  3. Winding/ Re-winding Costs: Using plastic yarn dye tube also helps you in saving winding and re-winding costs.

  4. Save Costs: If you use cotton knitted sleeves for ss dye springs, then if you use plastic yarn dyeing tube or plastic yarn dye cone than there are no such requirements of using cotton knitted sleeves or filter paper.

  5. Using plastic dye tubes or plastic dye cones in place of ss dye springs helps you to save water, energy, steam and consumption of chemicals.

  6. Yarn Identification: When you use plastic dye tube or plastic dyeing cones for yarn dyeing you can identify yarn counts by purchasing different colors of tubes as when you use ss dye springs, which is not possible to identify counts.

What we provide?

  • We provide you Standard Product

  • We provide you with International Quality Parameter Products

  • We provide you with specialized dedicated products that stand on your all quality parameters.

  • We provide you best after-sales service.

  • We are always ready to coordinate with your manager anytime as per your requirement to enhance customer relationship.

Now Next question comes in your mind that what type of yarn you can dye on plastic cheeses or plastic perforated dyeing tubes or plastic perforated HTHP dyeing cones.

Yarn Dyeing Tubes for processing and dyeing Nylon Yarns

Yarn Dyeing Cheeses for processing and dyeing Polyester Yarns

Perforated Plastic Yarn Dye Tube for processing and dyeing Silk Yarns

Plastic dye tubes for processing and dyeing Silk Blends.

Yarn dye Tubes for processing and dyeing cotton Yarns

HTHP Dyeing tubes for processing and dyeing cotton blended yarns

How Many Types of Dye tubes we have

We have dye tubes which use for multiple time with high usage life.

We have dye tube which can be used for multiple time with medium usage life.

We have yarn dye tubes which can be used for single use only.